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Logan's Company at Savannah, Georgia 2004 - we do travel

We'd like to have you join our unique hobby as a member of our company.   Joining a military re-enactment unit may seem intimidating but we will make it as easy and as inexpensive as possible for you.  Join us for any weekend event on our schedule, let us know in advance where you'd like to meet us, and we will provide you with clothing, a place to sleep, food, accoutrements, and a musket.  You will be introduced to military camp life of the 18th century.  This hobby is not limited to men-at-arms.  We encourage you to bring your spouse and/or family into this hobby with you.  After joining us for a weekend and you feel inclined to join, your basic clothing, accoutrements, and arms should consist of the following:

Buckle, moccasins, shoe packs


Knee Breeches, Trousers, or Leggings

for stockings




Hunting Frock

fatigue, slouch, three corner, etc.
(No Dead animals on your head please, 
contrary to what've heard Daniel Boone 
did not wear dead animals on his head)

Blanket or Bedroll

Eating Equipment and Utensils


Cartridge Box and Belt or Shotpouch


Powder Horn 
(this is not necessary as we do not load powder from horns 
but some people wear them for the look)

Musket or Rifle

 (only if you have a musket)

Belt Axe or Tomahawk

All edged weapons must be covered 
as safety is our first concern


Black Powder

Musket or Rifle Cleaning Kit


Please ask us first before making purchases for what is historically correct for Logan's Company.  It must be historically accurate to be used.

To assist you in making selections for the above items refer to these links to 18th century vendors:

Jas Townsend and Sons
Panther Primitives
Weeping Heart Trade Company
Carl Giordano
Smoke and Fire
G. Gedney Godwin
Roy and Deb Najecki
Kannicks Korner
Wooded Hamlet Designs
Dixie Guns Works
Pedersoli Muskets
Narragansett Armes


Ohio Valley Peddler
We'll also be glad to assist you with your research of early Kentucky history up to 1795-1800.  Please send us your name, hometown, contact information, your inquiry, and we'll get in touch with you to provide the answers to your questions.   Dues for Logan's Company are based on membership in the Northwest Territorial Alliance and the Brigade of the American Revolution and whether you are joining as single or with a family.
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  • Please contact Captain Ron Poppe or Lieutenant Minnis or the Webmaster
    for further information




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